Fleming abducted in Colombia on Tinder date

Ruben Vanhees, a Fleming who travelled to Medellin in Colombia, is counting his lucky stars.  Last week he agreed to a date on the romance app Tinder.  Romance there was little.  The poor guy was kidnapped, locked up and threatened and had his possessions stolen.  Fortunately after three days he managed to escape.

Ruben told VRT News: "I created a Tinder account and got several matches.  I chatted with one girl for over a month and she invited me home.  She insisted she organise an Uber taxi for me.  During the journey two guys got into the car.  They were armed with a stun gun and a knife.  They tugged my T over my head, emptied my pockets, took my watch and tied me up.  The rope also served as a strop.  They drove me to a village in the mountains where I ended up in a cesspit."

"My flat was emptied.  Now I understood my Tinder date was in on the game.  They demanded my credit card codes and stubbed out cigarettes on my skin.  They threatened to cut off my fingers.  I just gave in."

Because Ruben suffers from claustrophobia he was given a pipe to smoke containing a kind of crack. Fortunately, Ruben escaped after his guard fell asleep.

"I was standing in the street in my undies.  I tried to stop a taxi.  No luck.  The police station was closed.  Finally, a bank security guard helped me.  Before returning to Belgium I had to hide for several days in Colombia."

Ruben understands that he was lucky to survive.

"After they got my codes they organised a sex worker for me, so I could have some "fun".  At the Belgian consulate afterwards they told me most people don't live to tell this kind of tale."

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