Christian and liberal unions won’t be joining “climate strike” on 15 March

Although there is plenty of sympathy for the climate activists’ movement among trade unionists, only the Socialist blue collar union ABVV has said that it will be heeding the call by the climate activists to issue a strike notice for 15 March.        

On Thursday thousands of schoolchildren and others marched through Brussels to call on politicians for more effective measures to help tackle climate change. A mass mobilisation is planned for 15 March. In order to have as many people as possible taking part, the climate demonstrators had wanted the unions to issue strike notices.  

However, the Christian Trade Union has said that it doesn’t intend to issue a strike notice. The union’s leader Marc Leemans told VRT News that "We support the demonstrate and call on people to join it. However, we won’t be issuing a strike notice. Those that want to take part will have to make an effort”

The Socialist Trade Union too supports the climate protesters’ aims. The blue collar wing of the union ABVV has already said that it will join the action. The other sections of the Socialist Trade Union will decide whether they will follow suit in the next few days.  

"This could be by issuing a strike notice, a short work stoppage, information session,…”, a spokesperson told VRT News.  

The Liberal Trade Union has said that it probably won’t be issuing a strike notice. The union’s leader Mario Coppens told VRT News that "We will show solidarity, but probably no strike notice will be issued”.