Anonymous philanthropist donates 50 works of art to Halle Basilica

An anonymous philanthropist has donated a collection of works of art, jewellery and statues to the Saint Martin’s Basilica in the Flemish Brabant town of Halle.   

The Dean of Halle Raymond Decoster told journalists that anonymous donor is a member of the congregation at the Basilica. He is in his 70’s and has been collecting art all his life. 

"The man had been thinking for some time about what would happen to the works if he were to die. He has now given them to me as by doing so he is sure that they won’t be sold and that will be given a good permanent place. He will also be able to see them every Sunday when he attends Mass”  

Valuable works

The donor has told the Dean that the collection is definitely worth something. Information has been provided for each painting about when it was painted and how much it is worth. “So we know that this isn’t junk”, the Dean added.

"The talks about the donation have been going on for some months and were have met with notaries and it was all official and above board”.