Construction fair Batibouw opens to the public

The annual Batibouw construction fair has opened at Brussels Expo. Around 1,000 stands will welcome tens of thousands of visitors to the fair over the next 9 days. Baitibouw will remain open up to and including Sunday 3 March.  

This year’s fair is the 60th Baitibouw. It remains every popular among those that are either building their own home or are renovating and existing property. The fact that you can find everything from roofing slates to kitchens in the same place is particularly attractive for those embarking on major projects.

The main themes of this year’s fair are ventilation, new ways of living (co-housing etc.…) and new building techniques such as 3D printing and circular construction.  

Batibouw is open daily from 10am to 6:30pm. There is a Job Day on Tuesday 26 February and the fair is open late until 10pm on Thursday 28 February. After all these years the construction fair is a popular as ever, attracting 285,000 visitors in 2018.