At least 10,000 people attend Ghent climate march

At least 10,000 people are taking part in a march through the centre of the East Flemish city of Ghent to demand more effective measures to tackle climate change. The march has been organised by the environmentalist group Greenpeace. Other groups and organisation are supporting the march and their members are present at it.  

The march got under way on the Sint-Pietersplein and will finish at the Stadshal where a number of speeches will be made. Among the participants are many families with children.

The "Rise for Climate" march has been organised by Greenpeace Gent and twenty other organisations including 11.11.11 and Natuurpunt. Rise for Climate calls for a sustainable transition towards zero emissions with consideration to be given to people in financial difficulties and refugees.    

A delegation from the Green Party is also at the march. The party’s leader Meyrem Almaci told journalists that

"With the traffic plan we have achieved a big improvement in air quality and quality of life in this city. It is logical that we support this message. We should carry on until it is understood”.     

One of Ghent’s green city Aldermen Filip Watteeuw says that he is proud that the march is taking place in his city.

Last Thursday around 3,000 students took to the streets of Gent as part of the ongoing “truant for the climate” protests.