Spring weather to continue until Wednesday

The exceptionally warm and sunny weather that we have been enjoying will continue until the middle of next week. However, from Thursday we can expect cloud with cooler temperatures and the possibility of rain.  

Sunday will be bright and sunny. Temperatures will reach 11°C in the High Fens and 15°C in Flanders. Ideal weather for outdoor activities such as walking or cycling. Night temperatures will be chilly at around 0°C.   

Monday will be dry and sunny with temperatures reaching 14°C in coastal areas. Inland temperature will reach 17°C.

Tuesday will start off misty. However, once the mist has cleared it will be sunny with temperatures reaching between 16°C and 17°C in central areas. There could be a sea breeze on the coast in the afternoon.

More of the same on Wednesday with a misty start, then sun and top temperatures of between 16°c and 17°C.    

Thursday will see a change in the weather. It will be cloudy and there is the possibility of rain. Top temperatures will remain mild at between 13°C and 15°C.  It will become cooler on Friday with maximum temperatures remaining below 10°C.