Monday trashes heat record!

Today is a particularly mild day for the end of February and according to the weather forecasters at the Met Office in Ukkel the warmest 25 February on record.  A temperature of 15.8°C was recorded at noon.

The last record was set in 1964 when a temperature of 15.4°C was registered.  At the hottest point of the day the temperature rose to 18.8°C. It's the second time this month that a day record is broken.  The day record is also set to be broken on Tuesday.  Highs of around 18°C are forecast. The hottest 26 February on record dates from 1922 when 15.7°C was registered.  Wednesday's day record of 17.3°C set in 1959 too risks being trashed.

The first new day record this month was set on 15 February when 18.1°C was recorded.  The previous record of 17.2°C was set in 1998.

The highest temperature measured in Ukkel in February was 18.7°C on 28 February 1960.

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