More women at the head of electoral lists

With the federal, regional and European elections just over three months away it is becoming clear that more women will heading Flemish parties’ electoral lists for the Flemish, Brussels, European and federal election. In 2014 there were 29 female Heads of List. This time around there will be 37. While, the number of women Head of Lists has increased the average of the Heads of List has remained the same at 45.   

The nationalist party N-VA has 3 female and 11 male heads of list. The liberals fair slightly better with 6 of their 14 heads of list being women. The Greens and the far-left PVDA both have 7 male and 7 female heads of list.

The socialist are the only party with more female (8) than male heads of list. The far-right Vlaams Belang, one of whose heads of list is still to be announced, has 12 male and 2 female heads of list. The Christian democrats will go into the elections with 10 male and 4 female heads of list.   

Differences between the provinces

There are some big regional differences. In Antwerp province, the number of female heads of list is 50% down compared with the last elections in 2014. Last time there were 6 this time there are just three.   

Meanwhile, in Limburg and Brussels there are exactly the same number of female as male heads of list. However, in Brussels the Flemish socialist and the far-right Vlaams Belang still have to choose a head of list for their federal list.  

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