Stop Bowel Cancer on the lookout for “shitty friends”

“Become a shitty friend” is the slogan of a new campaign that has been launched by the not-for-profit group Stop Bowel Cancer. The idea behind the campaign is to get people to encourage their friends to have the excrement tested for signs of bowel cancer. Everyone aged 51 and older is sent a test kit free-of-charge every two years. However, only half of those that receive them actually make use of the tests.


One in 20 Flemings is confronted with bowel cancer at one stage in their life. There are 18 new cases in our region every day and 5 Flemings a day die of bowel cancer. This can all be prevented by a simple excrement test.  

Since 2013 test kits have been sent out to the over 50’s every two years. The tests are designed to trace bowel cancer in its early stages. A laboratory checks whether there are traces of blood in the excrement, something that could point to the early stages of bowel cancer. There is a 90% chance of being cured of bowel cancer it it is detected early enough.  

Help from Friends

In order to encourage the 50% of Flemings that don’t bother using the test kits to do so Stop Bowel Cancer wants Flemings to encourage people they know that have received a test to actually use it.

Stomach and bowel specialist Luc Colemont told VRT News that "People that still haven’t been invited fora n excrement test should get themselves tested. Sadly we are seeing more and more young people that are getting bowel cancer. One in seven is younger than 50”.

The campaign will run until the end of next month that coincidently is international bowel cancer month. Anyone that wishes to can register via the website (only in Dutch).  

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