Why is Hanne Decoutere so peeved?

In recent months more and more fake news stories about Flemish celebs have emerged on the internet.  VRT News anchor Hanne Decoutere is now the latest victim.

The fake news story circulating on social media on the internet goes as follows: "Hanne's been sacked because she failed to report she was marketing cosmetics".  The poor style used in the report should be a first giveaway.

VRT News anchor Hanne Decoutere, a familiar face on our TV screens, is particularly peeved because this isn't the first time this happens.  A couple of months ago there was a similar story about slimming pills.

"There's nothing I can do about it.  Who's behind it?  Is it a computer system or a real person?  Why did they use my picture?  It's dreadful!  In an age in which we are confronted by fake news more and more often and in which I have to report about it, I have become a victim too!"

Belgian police have internet detectives working on such cases, but they concede it's hard to discover who is behind a fake news story.  Often grammatical and spelling mistakes should alert you to the fact that this is fake news.  Makers of fake news are often eager to generate traffic to websites with ads.  Sometimes people are even directed to websites that try to defraud you!

The police stress how important it is that they are alerted to all fake news stories including those involving celebs.

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