Baby born in hospital entrance

A woman gave birth in the entrance of Tongeren's Vesalius Hospital earlier this week.  The parents were just too late to reach the delivery room.  The good news: mother and baby are doing fine!

"I cried out and that must have made it clear that it was urgent" says mother Ine Geurts. The receptionist made a phone call and three midwives were at the scene in seconds.  They provided fantastic help.  They made sure I was screened off.  At no moment did I feel ill at ease.  There wasn't time for that.  Before I knew it I had Aurélie in my arms.”

Marijke Luyck, who works at the hospital's reception, says she has experienced quite a lot, but this she will never forget: "The midwives set to work so calmly and professionally and took care of this young family. It was a beautiful moment."

Chief midwife Martine Leroi: "Of course we know what to do on such occasions.  When we got the call we took a delivery set downstairs.  We ensured the birth could take place safely and privately, even in these exceptional circumstances. The welfare of the young family is the most important thing."

So far this year a hundred babies have already been born at the hospital.  Aurélie was the 99th.

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