Michaël Torfs

Another "special" month: February takes 5th place in historic temperature ranking

Several new day records were set at the end of February, but the month itself did not set a new milestone. Taking into account the past 186 years - records in Ukkel began in 1833 - February takes fifth place where the average temperature is concerned, and also fifth place for sunshine hours.  

The average maximum temperature was 11.5 Celsius, almost double the average of what we had over the past two centuries. The general average temperature, taking into account day and night, was 7.0 Celsius, compared to 3.7 degrees normally. 

February had 138 hours of sunshine, compared to 77 on average. February marks the end of the meteorological winter, with spring starting today. But it seems we had a couple of good spring days in February this time, with autumn weather coming up the next days: wet grey and windy. 

"The past winter was sunny and tranquil. We had no winter storms", says weather presenter Frank Deboosere. "The average temperature for the whole winter was 5.2 degrees Celsius, compared to 3.6 normally. Precipitation was slightly above average: 236 millimetres compared to 221. But the past weeks were very dry. Nature is thirsty." 

The good news for nature is that fresh rain is coming this weekend, especially on Sunday. Monday will also be wet, and the next days will be very windy. The unstable weather should continue for at least a week.  

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