Post office in Dilsen-Stokkem attacked with explosives

The local post office in Lanklaar (Dilsen-Stokkem, Limburg province) has been attacked with explosives. There are talks of 3 explosions last night, but nobody got injured. 

Two apartment buildings in the Dorpsstraat were evacuated, with the street being closed. The robbers fled the scene, but they probably took no cash, Dilsen-Stokkem Mayor Sofie Vandeweerd told reporters. She is talkeing about 4 robbers, but Bpost is talking about 3 attackers. They allegedly fled in a car with a dark colour, and are still on the run. 

The bomb disposal service DOVO came to the site to check whether no explosives had been left at the site.   

Bold attacks on cash machines are not uncommon in Limburg province, but the robberies are not always successful, as this case shows. 

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