Unemployment in Flanders fell again in February

According to figures released by the Flemish Employment Department unemployment in our region fell again during February. At the end of last month there were 8% (16,414) fewer job-seekers claiming unemployment benefit than was the case at the end of February 2018. Unemployment in Flanders now stands at 6.16% of the working population. 

Writing in a press statement released as the figures were announced, the Flemish Employment minister Philippe Muyters said “Unemployment in Flanders has been falling continuously since August 2015.

Youth unemployment (under 25’s) fell by 7.6% in February. There were 10.3% fewer unemployed aged between 25 and 50 at the end of February than there were at the end of January. The number of older (over 50) job-seekers too is down by 4.2%.    

The fall among older people is slower as people are now required to remain available to work for longer. Consequently, unemployment among the over 60’s rose by 24.8% in February, while it fell by 12.9% among those aged 50 to 55 and by 14.5% among those aged 55 to 60.   

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