Hungarian PM calls Belgian Christian democrats “useful idiots of the left”

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called the politicians that want his party to be thrown out of the European People’s Party (EPP) “Useful idiots of the left”. Mr Orban was speaking in an interview with the German Sunday newspaper ‘Welt am Sontag’ and was reacting to a call by the Flemish Christian democrat party CD&V, the Belgian Francophone Christian democrat party CDH and the Luxembourg Christian democrat party CSV to expel his Fidez party from the EPP Group in the European Parliament.      

The Hungarian PM is not amused at the call to expel his right-wing conservative party from the Christian Democrat Group. Earlier this week the leader of the Flemish Christian democrats Wouter Beke said that Mr Orban “continuously contradicts Christian democratic values and ideology”.  

In an interview with ‘Welt am Sontag’ Mr Orban strikes back. He claims that the EPP has become too big and that his party is being attacked in order to weaken the EPP as a political force.

Beke: “Once again full of fake news”

The leader of the Flemish Christian democrats Wouter Beke has reacted to Mr Orban’s comments on via the social media platform Twitter. Mr Beke tweeted that the interview was “one again full of #fakenews”. He added that it shows why CD&V wants a line to be drawn to be drawn under Fidez’s participation in the EPP.

Mr Beke says that Mr Orban is a “breaker”, while what the EPP needs is “builders”.

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