Range Rover enters Brussels car park via the stairwell

A motorist won’t forget his attempt to park his vehicle in one of Brussels underground car parks on Sunday morning in a hurry. Rather than using the access ramp that leads to the underground parking facility, the motorist tried to drive their Range Rover down the car park’s pedestrian access stairwell. Four people were slightly injured in the process.  

The circumstances surrounding the incident are still unclear. However, what is known is that the emergency service received a call to deal with an incident on the Poelaertplein in front of the Brussels Courthouse at around 10am. A Range Rover had driven down the pedestrian access stairwell.      

The driver and passengers were trapped in the vehicle. Fire fighter managed to force open one of the doors in order to free those that were inside the car. Four people were taken to a near-by hospital with minor injuries.

Three fire engines, 4 ambulances and a medical emergency vehicle attended the scene. A breakdown truck was called to tow the vehicle away.  

It is still unclear as to why the motorist tried to drive his car down the stairs. 

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