Increased concern about climate issue among Belgians

According to figures contained in the European Commission’s six-monthly Eurobarometer report for Belgium, Belgians are becoming increasingly concerned about climate issues. The report that looks at which issues are of most concern to citizens living in EU countries shows a big rise in interest among Belgians for issues concerning climate change, energy and the environment.   

The Eurobarometer that was published on Tuesday is based on questionnaires carried out at the end of 2018.

Immigration remains the biggest concern among the Belgians that took part in the survey. The percentage of those concerned about immigration remained constant  during 2017 and 2018 at between 26% and 29%. Other major causes for concern among those surveyed were the economy and pensions.  

However,  what is most noticible in the survey is that more than twice the number of Belgians (25%) said that they have concerns about climate issues than was the case in the spring of 2017 (9%).   

Currently, climate issues are the second biggest concern among Belgians. Meanwhile, the number of Belgians that are concerned about terrorism has fallen dramatically, from 26% in the spring of 2017 to 9% in the survey carried out at the end of last year.  

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