Police tow away car that had been parked in the same place for 6 years

Police in the town of Mortsel (Antwerp Province) have towed away a cart hat had remained parked in the same place for the past six years. Local residents on the Bremveldlaan contacted the police to report the vehicle. However, all attempts by the police to contact the owner of the car failed and it has now been removed.  

Kim Verdoodt of the Minos Local Police Service told VRT Radio 2 Antwerp that “The car is registered and insured, which makes it difficult for us to do anything. It also took a while before local residents contacted us to tell us that the car was there and had remained there”.

"We initiated proceeding to contact the owner. However, after all this time we have received no response and so we decided to tow it away”. 

The vehicle is no at a breakdown company in Lier (Antwerp Province), where the owner can come and collect it. If he or she fails to do so a procedure can be started that will result in the car being sold. The proceeds from any sale would be used to pay the for having the car towed away and to meet the costs incurred by having kept it parked at the breakdown company’s yard.   

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