AP 2018

"Ban flights Brussels-Amsterdam"

The Flemish greens and Christian democrats have called for flights between Brussels and Amsterdam to be discontinued.  They say it's absurd taking to the air to travel from two cities that are so close.

Flights between Brussels and Amsterdam are scheduled several times a day.  The flight takes less than an hour.  In the Netherlands a majority of lawmakers are eager to ban the flights.  Here the greens and Christian democrats are minded to do the same.  Groen's Stefaan Van Hecke: "Isn't it absurd that planes with an awful lot of CO2 emissions fly between two cities that are so close?"

Greens and Christian democrats favour investing in alternatives and making them cheaper.

Stefaan Van Hecke: "It's crazy to take a plane to travel 200 km when trains and sometimes buses too cover the same distance."

The greens are also eager to replace European short haul flights by rail travel: "In Europe the train should be the cheapest option for distances under 1,000 km" says Stefaan Van Hecke, who concedes investments will have to be made.  He also favours the reintroduction of night trains and making rail fares cheaper.

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