Hold-up at Baron Spiere: 100,000 euros and kilos of silverware booty

The Baron of Spiere was the victim of a brutal raid on his home last weekend.  Three masked and armed men forced their way into the gentleman's bedroom in Spiere-Helkijn (West Flanders) and made off with 100,000 euros in cash and dozens of kilos of silverware.

It was 10PM on Saturday night when the gangsters forced their way into the bedroom where the Baron and Baroness of Spiere had already withdrawn.  The gentlefolk were threatened with a screwdriver to the baroness's throat.  The baron faced being shot in the leg if he didn't cough up the readies.

The Baron of Spiere relented and handed over a wooden box containing 100,000 euros in cash.  The baroness handed over the takings from her store.  The gangsters also pocketed 15 golden heirlooms as well as considerable amounts of silverware.  When the gangsters demanded more, the baron and the baroness went on the attack.  The gangsters fired a pistol, but when no bullet exited, they ran off.

Police say there is no trace of the gangsters. The Baron of Spiere believes the gangsters, who spoke French, were tipped off by somebody close.  Last Friday the entire family had gathered to divvy up heirlooms after the baron's father died two months ago.  He also points to the fact that the gangsters were too well in the know to be random burglars.

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