Two cars destroyed by grenades near Antwerp’s Park Spoor Noord

For the third time this week cars that were parked in the street have been destroyed in Antwerp. On Wednesday evening vehicles were destroyed in were set alight in the Rupelstraat and the Biekorfstraat near to Park Spoor Noord and a car was burned out in the Hoboken district of the city

On Friday morning the commercial broadcaster VTM reported that two vehicles had been destroyed by grenades in the Dijlestraat, also in the vicinity of Park Spoor Noord. The report has since been confirmed by Antwerp police.  At around 3:20 am on Friday morning two cars exploded on the Dijlestraat after grenades had been thrown under them. The police, the fire service and the bomb disposal service DOVO attended the scene.

Willem Migom of the Antwerp Local Police Service told journalists "It is probable that two grenades were thrown under two parked cars. The cars have been badly damaged as have a number of other vehicles that were parked near-by”.

The explosions caused the windows of a number of cars that were parked in the street to smash. The facades of the houses in front of which the two cars were parked were also slightly damaged in the explosion.

"Tonight the police, the bomb disposal service DOVO and the fire service attended the scene. The forensic lab has had the vehicles towed away with a view to carrying out a forensic investigation”, Mr Migom added.  

No one was injured in the explosion. The Judicial Authorities say that they are investigating all avenues of enquiry, including whether the incident is drugs-related. Police are currently speaking to local residents.  

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