"The boys really liked Jackson"


The Flemish public broadcaster VRT has defended its decision to air an HBO documentary with allegations about child abuse involving Michael Jackson.  In "Leaving Neverland" two men tell how the singer abused them.

Olivier Goris of the Canvas TV channel that is broadcasting the documentary: "This isn't about the artist, but about child abuse.

The documentary has been criticised because it provides no room for a rebuttal of the allegations.  In the documentary two men explain how Jackson became part of their family and details how he abused them.

Olivier Goris notes that the documentary is an impressive achievement: "This isn't an attempt at spectacle, but a serene presentation.  The documentary makers took the time to allow the men to tell their story."

Canvas operates two criteria that must be met: the story must be important and of high quality.

Youth psychiatrist Eric Schoentjes too is enthusiastic: "The documentary makers built a good story and focused on the victims and their family.  You get a strong feeling it's credible because the victims’ pain is clear for all to see."

Olivier Goris concedes that some people will feel confused after watching: not because they doubt the singer's guilt, but because the mechanisms of child abuse are exposed: "The boys really liked Jackson."

Olivier Goris believes the documentary should be seen separately from Jackson's music: "We're not going to put his music in a box and ship it into space."

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