Only in Belgium: Bruges burglar's girl returns for his GSM

A Bruges burglar, who forgot his smartphone on a job in the Saint Andrew's District of Bruges, sent his girlfriend back to the burgled property in a bid to be reunited with his lost mobile.

Police arrested the 23-year-old burglar, when he broke into a house in Saint Andrew's in Bruges last week and deprived him of his liberty.  When the burglar, who now is languishing at His Majesty's pleasure, discovered he must have dropped his mobile on the job, he asked girlfriend to visit the burgled property and enquire about the precious item.

When they opened the door the woman told the resident: "Excuse me, but my boyfriend recently burgled your property.  Have you seen his mobile?"

The girlfriend, however, had got her bearings wrong and had knocked on the wrong door.  The proprietor informed her that they had been burgled but by somebody else and that the property burgled by her boyfriend was a couple of streets away and “No, they hadn't seen his mobile”!

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