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Belgians struggling to pay the bills and save

Consumer organisation Test Aankoop has discovered that six out of ten Flemings are struggling to put any savings aside during these difficult days.  Many people are having a hard time paying the bills and have nothing left over at the end of the month to put aside.

Test Aankoop quizzed 3,370 people aged 25 to 79 to examine their spending patterns.  Francophones said it was far more difficult to save than Flemings.  If saving is a challenge, paying the bills is too.  Half of those quizzed conceded that they struggled to pay a bill from time to time.  For one in twenty it's a real problem.

Housing related bills and leisure related expenditure are hardest to pay, though leisure is often the first item on which we skimp. Test Aankoop came to the conclusion that couples and the retired have least problems paying the bills, while singles, single parents and households with more than five children struggle most.

Here too there are regional differences with the people of Brussels and especially Wallonia hardest hit.  

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