East Flemish dog takes first prize at Crufts

A breeder from the East Flemish city of Aalst is returning home from the Crufts dog show in the English city of Birmingham a very happy woman indeed. Kathleen Roosens’ papillon dog Dylan has won the “Best in Show” prize at the prestigious dog show. “Best in Show” in effectively first prize at the show in which no fewer than 27,000 dogs took part.   

This year’s show was the 128th in the show's history. Originally held in the UK capital London, the show moved to the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham in 1991 and has been held there each year ever since.   

Of the 27,000 dogs that took part in this year’s show, 3,611 were from outside the UK. Around 200 different breeds of dog took part.  

During the four-day event, “Bests of Breed” dogs are first chosen, all of which go through to the next round which is “Best of Group”. There a winner is chosen in each of 7 categories. Each of the “Best of Group” dogs go through to the grand final where a “Best of Show” is chosen.     

Dylan first of all won best of breed, before coming out on top in the toy dog group.   

In the final he got the better of competition from an Irish water spaniel from the UK called Luther, a boxer called Dave, a basset griffon vendéen called Mike, a Samoyed dog from Portugal called Charleen, a Scottish terrier called Eva and a shih tzu called Bearly. 

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