Police shoot knifeman dead

A man who was wielding several knives has been shot dead in Kruishoutem (East Flanders).  Prosecutors are now establishing the exact circumstances of the shooting.

Police received reports of a man wielding several knives in the Winston Churchillstraat and attended the scene.  Police fired at the man, who later died of his injuries.

An Schoonjans of East Flemish public prosecutors: "A weapons expert and a police doctor are on the case.  Forensics too attended the scene."

Two investigations are underway: one into the facts that necessitated the police intervention and a second into the shooting itself.  This second investigation will examine whether the police acted in self-defence.  Four shots are believed to have been fired.

A second member of the public was also injured by the knife-wielding assailant.  He is believed to be the knifeman's neighbour.

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