Still problems on some tram and rail services

Some passengers on rail and tram services still experienced the impact of Sunday's storm early this morning.

On the railways most services are back to normal with problems persisting between Knokke and Bruges and between Lichtervelde and Deinze.

The Bruges Knokke line was most badly damaged by the storm.  Repairs are underway.  Trains are being guided over one track and are moderating their speed.  The repairs should be finished by the early afternoon.

Workers stayed on the job all night repairing the line between Lichtervelde and Deinze.  This should be ready by noon.  Services are being rerouted causing delays.

On all other lines there is a normal service.  Repairs to overhead cables and rail infrastructure are complete.

De Lijn buses and trams are operating normally in most parts.  Problems persist in Antwerp where trams 15 and 7 are affected by a rupture to overhead cabling.

In Brussels the MIVB reports problems on tram lines 39 and 44 in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe.  It could take four days before the line is repaired.  Buses are operating as an alternative.

Rail traffic was halted in many parts on Sunday because the rail track operator was struggling to deal with uprooted trees and deal with the damage quickly enough.  Many travellers took to social media to attack a lack of information.

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