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Antwerp jihadi not dead after all

A young man from Antwerp that left Belgium to fight with Jihadist forces in Syria and was declared dead. Now appears to be still alive. Abdellah Nouamane’s mother Fatima Ezzarhouni was told last year that her son was dead. However, she has now been told that her son is still alive and in Syria. However, he has been injured several time in battle.

The news first appeared in the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ and has since been confirmed by VRT News sources.     

Abdellah Nouamene left for Syria in mid-2013. He said at the time that he was going to help the Free Syria Army. He later joined the Salafist jihadist group Al Nusra before joining the so-called “Islamic State” terrorist group.

Last year he was sentenced in his absence to 5 years in prison after having been found guilty of planning a terrorist attack in Belgium.  His mother Fatima Ezzarhouni supports and assists deradicalisation project. She stood in the local council elections for the Christian democrats in Antwerp.

Last year Ms Ezzarhouni  (photo, below) told VRT Radio 2 that she had learned from a “reliable source” that her son was dead.  However, this now appears not to be to be the case and according to the security services he is alive and in Syria. 

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