TUIfly grounds its “Belgian” Boeing 737 MAX planes

The airline TUIfly has grounded the four Boeing 737-Max planes that it operates out of Belgium. The decision has come after the British aviation authorities decided to close UK airspace to Boeing 737 MAX planes. At the weekend a 737 MAX crashed in Ethiopia killed all 157 people on board.    

The airline TUIfly, not to be confused with the tour operator TUI has grounded all 15 of its 737 planes. They are based in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and Belgium.    

Pressure to ground the planes and the UK’s decision to banished them from its airspace brought about TUIfly’s decision. They will remain grounded until further notice. Those that have booked flights on the planes will be contacted by the airline to make alternative arrangements.    

Since the crash a growing number of countries and individual airlines have decided to ground 737 MAX planes. The accident in Ethiopia was the second involving at 737 MAX since the plane entered service in the spring of 2017. The question has been raised as to the two accidents are linked and whether there are structural issues with the plane.   

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