Yellow weather warning in force from 5pm

Gusts of wind reaching speeds of between 80 and 90 km/h are for cast for this evening and as result the Royal Metrological Institute KMI has issued a Yellow Weather Warning that will come into force from 5pm. High winds are also forecast for Wednesday. 

At the end of the afternoon a front bringing with it rain will reach the west of the country. There will be gusts of high wind as the front makes its way across the country.  

By midnight the front should have moved on to Germany. Wednesday will start of bright, but with some cloud. There could be showers, some of which heavy and there is even a possible of storms accompanied by high winds. 

Code Yellow

A code yellow weather warning implies that it will be difficult to walk along the street with an open umbrella. Furthermore, some large branches could fall from trees and smaller trees could be felled by the wind and there could be minor damage to buildings.  

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