170 people evacuated from Brussels hotel

A fire led to the evacuation of 170 people from a hotel in Brussels on Tuesday night. The fire broke out in the kitchen of the Sofitel Hotel on the Gulden Vlieslaan. One woman was taken from the building unconscious. By 6am fire-fighters had the fire under control. The evacuated guests were given accomodation in other hotels. 

The emergency services received reports of a fire at the Sofitel Hotel on the Gulden Vlieslaan at 3:20am. The fire started in the kitchen on the first floor of the hotel. Walter Derieuw of the Brussels Fire Service told journalists that “Due to the proximity of the stairwell the smoke spread throughout the hotel and everyone had to be evacuated”.    

Several ambulances went to the scene. Two of the people evacuated had to leave the building via a ladder.  “And one woman was found unconscious due to smoke inhalation on the top floor. She has been taken to hospital”, Mr Derieuw added.  

The entire hotel has suffered smoke damage. The guests spent the rest of the night in another hotel on the opposite side of the road. They were allowed to retrieve their belongings on Wednesday morning. The hotel is likely to remain closed for some time. 

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