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Married Brits more likely to apply for Belgian citizenship

According to figures released by the Belgian Bureau of Statistics Statbel, married Britons living in Belgium have been far more inclined to apply for Belgian citizenship since the 2016 Brexit referendum than their single compatriots.

Last week the Belgian Interior Ministry released figures that showed that since the Brexit referendum in June 2016 2,689 British nationals had applied for and been granted Belgian nationality.

This is an average of some 90 per month. In the 6 years prior to 2016 the average number of British national being granted Belgian citizenship was 8.8 per month.

Statbel has looked at an analysed the figures. Of the 8,908 Britons living here that are married with children 664 (7.45) have acquired Belgian citizenship.

Meanwhile, 240 (7.45%) of 3,237 Britons that are married, but have no children acquired Belgian citizenship. This compares with 163 (3.45%) of the single British nationals living here.    

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