Brexit work-to-rule closes Belgian motorway

A work-to-rule by French customs at the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais has led to great congestion in and around the French port.  The situation is also having a knock-on effect in Belgium where there is now a ten kilometre jam on the border in Oostduinkerke (West Flanders).  The E40 motorway has been closed at Oostduinkerke.

The motorway was closed in order to ensure matters don't get even worse.  The Flemish traffic centre expects that the disruption will continue all day.  Motorists are being urged to reroute their journeys via Bruges and Brussels and then on to Dunkirk via Tournai or via Ghent and Kortrijk and Lille to reach Dunkirk in that way.

French customs say their protest should show what will happen in the event of a No Deal Brexit.  They are also seeking better working conditions and higher pay.

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