Jail term for cuberdon warrior

A cuberdon seller has been sentenced to two months in prison on account of racist insults.  The seller has now been ordered to put 50 metres between his own and a rival's stall.

Cuberdons are cone-shaped Belgian candies.

The two sellers of cuberdon sweets in the centre of Ghent, often referred to locally as "noses", have been at loggerheads for years.  They both claim their sweets are the best and try to steal each other's custom.  It came to blows in 2011 and in 2014, when the two sellers had their licences suspended.

Pictures of a shouting match ended up on YouTube triggering a court case.  The victim demanded 2,400 euros in compensation.  The public prosecutor asked for a 6 month jail term plus a 1,600 euro fine. The court threw out racism charges but imposed the maximum sentence for insults with a racist motive.  The two month sentence is suspended on condition the defendant follows a special course to increase control of his impulses.

Whether this means an end to the ‘cuberdon war’ still remains to be seen.

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