"Brexit shouldn't be delayed until end of June” says Mr Verhofstadt

The European Parliament's Brexit negotiator, former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt, believes it's about time the UK tells us what they want instead of repeatedly telling the EU what they don't want.

Do they want a customs union with or without single market access or a new referendum he asks.

Mr Verhofstadt is no fan of a Brexit delay until 30 June: "Then the Brits will just continue theirs discussions and we still don't know what form of Brexit the Brits want."

The liberal democrat group leader in the European Parliament is willing to back a delay until the end of April under strict conditions. Mr Verhofstadt is one of many who is pleased the UK Parliament has voted against a No Deal Brexit.  He believes the UK should quickly make it clear which form of Brexit the UK Parliament desires.

Guy Verhofstadt thinks there is little enthusiasm in the EU for the Brexit delay proposed by Theresa May until 30 June.  UK lawmakers vote on such a delay on Thursday evening.

"There is little appetite to approve this as long as we don't know what this delay will be used for.  All 27 remaining EU states will have to approve any delay”.

Mr Verhofstadt says the 30 June deadline is too far ahead in the future.  It will lead to endless discussions.  I'm calling for a short delay of weeks, until the end of April and under strict conditions. We have to know what will happen during the delay period."

The former Belgian PM also believes the European elections at the end of May make a Brexit delay until 30 June impossible because the UK would have to organise European elections: "This is also the belief of the European Council" he notes.

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