Dummy grenades found in Antwerp park

What at first sight appeared to be hand grenades have been found in Antwerp’s Park Spoor Noord. The bomb disposal service DOVO was called to the scene and found that the grenades were dummies. Given previous incidents in recent weeks in which grenades have been used to destroy vehicles that were parked in the streets surrounding the park great caution was taken around the grenades until it became clear that they were fake.       

The area around the Ruppelstraat was cordoned off while the bomb disposal team did its work. Local residents that had been evacuated from their homes have since been allowed to return.

Last week there were a number of incidents in Antwerp in which cars were burned out of blown up by grenades.

Ten days ago a car burned out in the same street and last Thursday night a number of grenades were thrown under parked cars in the area. Police are investigating whether the incidents are drugs related.

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