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Ecluse, a "very unique project" of steam pipes, opened near Antwerp

One of the biggest steam networks in Europe has been activated in the Waaslandhaven near Antwerp. "Ecluse" is a first for Belgium, and a technique that will trigger many benefits for the climate.

Steam generated by waste incinerators nearby will be used for industrial processes in five plants. To make this possible, a network of big pipes was installed. The pipes run for various kilometres and have to resist big pressure, as the steam can be up to 400 degrees Celsius (752 Fahrenheit) hot. The system is a first for Belgium. The Flemish Energy Minister Lydia Peeters says "it's a very unique project, an example for many. It has clinched several awards already, this speaks for itself." The Ecluse project could allow us to save 100,000 tons in CO2 emissions.  

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