Michaël Torfs

Spring is coming!

If you have had it with the grey, wet weather and the gusts of wind, then there is good news: the weather will change in a couple of days. The heavy wind will finally ease, and it will become dry. We will have a first taste of spring in the second part of next week. 

First, we need some more patience: fresh rain is coming overnight, and the strong wind remains. On Sunday and Monday, temperatures will drop and there will be the odd shower, but as from Tuesday, it will become dry. The wind will ease, and temperatures will climb to 14 or 15 degrees Celsius (59 Fahrenheit) under a mix of clouds and sunshine (see picture below).

Until now, March has been very wet. In just 16 days, we have had more or less the precipitation of the whole month. This helped ground water levels to recover further after the dry summer last year, but the levels are still below par.    

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