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"The British should finally tell us what they want, instead of what they don't want"

Guy Verhofstadt, one of the Brexit negotiators for the European Union, told the VRT that "postponing the Brexit to 30 June has no sense unless the British clearly say what they want." He says the European Union is willing to look into the request to postpone Brexit, but only after a positive vote in London, a vote for something instead of against something. Earlier, he had said that Europe prefers a delay of a couple of weeks, instead of months. London will have an answer on next Thursday. 

Fleming Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the liberal fraction in European parliament, was one of those negotiating the Brexit deal for Europe. He was clearly vexed when he talked to the VRT, first on Thursday morning (radio) and next on Thursday evening (TV). 

In a nutshell: he wants the British MP's to speak out clearly about what they want, instead of rejecting proposals and saying what they don't want. 

Verhofstadt is also warning the British that the EU is not keen on granting a postponement. This is something that all 27 member countries should approve. But a delay is senseless as long as the U.K. doesn't know what it really wants, Mr Verhofstadt said. "The EU is not eager to say 'yes' to postponing the hot issue if we don't know how this extra time will be used." 

Another point is that 30 June would mean that the U.K. would have to take part in the European elections. Verhofstadt advocates a shorter period of a couple of weeks, if the British need more time. 

Speaking in the VRT's evening news on Thursday evening, Mr Verhofstadt said the EU will give the Brits an answer at the European Council, on 21 March. 

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