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The West-Flemish pigeon goldmine: Armando fetches 1,252,000 euros

The West-Flemish racing pigeon Armando was auctioned for an absolute record amount of 1.252 million euros. A champion in pigeon racing, Armando saw the amount more than doubled in the final hours of a bidding. The feat adds to the world famous reputation of West-Flemish racing pigeons. 

 Armando's owners, father and son Joël and Dieter Verschoot from Ingelmunsters (West Flanders) expected a bid of half a million maximum for their five-year-old. But a Chinese buyer went really far to purchase the pigeon he really wanted.

The previous milestone was set by Golden Prince two years ago. The West-Flemish racing pigeon fetched 360,000 euros on that occasion. 

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