Walloon Government loses majority after MP defects

The Walloon Regional Government has lost its majority after a Francophone liberal MP defected to the rebel liberal Alain Destexhe’s “Listes Destexhe”. Backbencher Patricia Potigny was elected as a Member of the Walloon Parliament on the Francophone liberal party MR in Hainaut Province. 

Her defection means that the two parties that form the Walloon coalition; the liberals and the Christian democrats now have just 37 of the 75 seats in the Walloon Parliament, one seat short of a majority.   

Ms Potigny is the second Walloon MP to join forces with Mr Destexhe. Previously André-Pierre Puget left the right-wing populist Party Popular to become and independent and latterly an MP for Listes Destexhe.     

Ms Potigny says that the Francophone liberals aren’t right wing enough for her. She also has issues with what she describes as the party’s constant quest to find new young faces. This could have played a role in her not being given a place near to the top of the Francophone liberals’ electoral list for the Walloon elections in May.   

Ms Potigny (photo below) says that she now will vote on a case by case basis. Sometimes voting with the government and sometimes against. 

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