Air traffic disrupted due to lack of air traffic controllers

Air traffic at Belgian airports is severely disrupted as a result of a shortage of air traffic controllers at Skeyes, the Belgian air traffic control agency.  Most planes arriving at Belgian airports are delayed by around 30 minutes.

Air travellers today should expect delays due to the shortage of air traffic controllers that started affecting air travel last night.  As a result fewer planes are able to take off and especially land.  The disruption is expected to continue until 1PM at least.  So far no flights have been cancelled or diverted at Brussels Airport.  The airport is advising passengers to consult the airport website or contact their airline.

The Christian union says that the shortage is due to air traffic controllers being ill.  Last night two of the eight air traffic controllers needed were ill.  The management claims the air traffic controllers are staging a protest action and that some of the air traffic controllers were absent without a legitimate reason.

Tension between Skeyes and its staff has been mounting in recent weeks.  Air traffic controllers complain of a shortage of staff and increased work pressure.  This has led to several recent protests.  Talks between management and unions haven't made any headway.

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