1.2 million euro pigeon guarded round the clock

It has emerged that Armando, the prize winning Flemish pigeon that was sold for a record amount last Sunday, is being guarded around the clock.  A Chinese bidder paid 1.2 million euros for the bird. 

1.2 million euros is the highest amount that has ever been paid for a pigeon sold via an auction on the internet.  The West Flemish pigeon's seller is now worried that thieves will abscond with the bird.  Armando's personal guard will remain close by until the pigeon is handed over to his new owner.

Father and son Joël and Dieter Verschoot of Ingelmunster (West Flanders) have a sound reputation as pigeon fanciers.  They have now recruited a guard to ensure the bird's security until the hand-over.  This is expected soon.

Flemish pigeons are much sought after abroad.  Two years ago Golden Prince, a pigeon belonging to the leading breeder Gino Clique of Wevelgem fetched 360,000 euros.

Nadine, a bird belonging to Willy Daniëls of Kessel was later sold to a Chinese for 400,000 euros.

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