Autists now employed at the baggage check at Brussels Airport

For a month now six people with autism have been employed checking the baggage at Brussels Airport.

"The choice of people with autism was a conscious decision" says Bart Verbeeck, the commercial director of security firm G4S that does the baggage checks at Zaventem.

The autists possess the skills that are needed for the job.  Bart Verbeeck: "Characteristics like the ability to concentrate and perfectionism are very important for the job.  We looked to see which kind of people possess these characteristics.  This took us to people with autism.  The pilot project has been operating for over a month now and we are very satisfied.  People with autism can concentrate for longer at the baggage check and notice irregularities much more quickly."

"We want our employees to feel happy at work.  People with autism are susceptible to certain prickles.  This is why we gave them a calm room in which to work and reduced certain stimuli."

To recruit the new staff G4S worked together with an organisation that finds employment for autists.  The initiative has great social relevance because it's often harder for autists to find a job.

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