Lack of air traffic controllers disrupts flights yet again

Air traffic in Belgium is disrupted for a third day due to a shortage of air traffic controllers at Skeyes, the Belgian air traffic control agency.  The shortage is leading to delays.

Charleroi Airport is bearing the brunt of the disruption to air passengers.  All flights scheduled after 6AM have been delayed.  Some planes will only be able to leave this afternoon.  One flight has a seven hour delay.  The disruption is also affecting flights arriving in Belgium.  Disruption at Brussels Airport has now also increased with delays up to 2 hours and people stuck on aircraft on the tarmac.  The disruption is above all bad news for the many passengers with connecting flights.

Skeyes has claimed that some air traffic controllers are staying home without a legitimate reason.  The shortage is due to the number of air traffic controllers that reported in ill.  The company believes the air traffic controllers are using this strategy to press their grievances about staff shortages and work pressure.

Given Friday's events to mark the anniversary of the Brussels attacks no disruption is expected tomorrow.

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