Belgian PM: "Too many British politicians have their own agenda”

The Prime Minister in Belgium’s caretaker Federal Government Charles Michel (Francophone liberal) has said that he is pleased that he and the other 26 EU-27 leaders have given the UK extra time to leave the European Union. The EU-27 agreed to postpone Brexit until 22 May if British MPs approve the Brexit agreement struck between the UK Prime Minister Theresa May and the European Union. 

Failure to do so will result in a “no-deal Brexit” taking effect on 12 April. 

“Next week the British Parliament will have the last chance to say what it wants for the future”, Mr Michel said ahead of the second day of the European summit. The Belgian Prime Minister believes that it is good news that there is an agreement to postpone Brexit as the alternative would have been a chaotic Brexit next Friday.

"Now more than ever the ball is in the court of the British Parliament. If they agree to the deal they will be granted a limited delay until 11 April. This date hasn’t been chosen by chance, it is the last date on which the British could organize European elections”.    

By choosing this date, European leaders have left the opportunity open for the British to take part in the European elections if the agreement between Mrs May and the EU is not passed.    

"I understand that it is not easy for Theresa May. She is engaged in a battle with her parliament. Some British politician don’t think about what’s best, but rather are engaged in short-term opportunism. Some of them are after Theresa May’s job, other want a general election or a new referendum. I see Mrs May doing everything she can to get the agreement through”, Mr Michel added.       

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