Three more cars burned out in Antwerp

Another three cars have been found burned out on the street in Antwerp. This time the incident happened on a street in the Hoboken district of the city. It is still unclear what exactly caused the vehicle to catch fire. The police say that they are keeping an open mind. A police spokesman told VRT News that “We are looking into whether or not the fire was started deliberately, but an accidental fire cannot yet be ruled out”.   

The three cars that burned out were parked near to each other. The fire started in one of the vehicles before spreading to two other. As the cause of the fire is still unclear the police have cordoned off the street.

This is a precautionary measure given the string of recent incidents involving explosives near to Park Spoor Noord. Nevertheless, VRT News source say that there is every likelihood that the fire started accidently.

Wouter Bruyns of the Antwerp Local Police Service told VRT News that "We can’t rule anything out. Given the recent incidents in Antwerp we want to eliminate a number of possibilities. This is why the Federal Police explosives dog has been brought to the scene as are forensics officers. We don’t know what caused the cars to burn out so we are not leaving anything to chance and are treating it as malicious intent until we can prove otherwise”.  

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