Fine weather means more and more cyclists and bikers are killed

Seven percent fewer fatalities occurred on Belgian roads last year.  In all 440 people died, but more worryingly the number of bikers and cyclists being killed is rising.

440 people were killed on Belgian roads in 2018.  That's 35 less than the previous year.

Last year's figure is the lowest on record.  The number of road deaths has halved over the past decade.  The figure doesn't include people who die up to 30 days after their accident.  If included this takes the figure to 590. The traffic safety institute VIAS doesn't believe the 420 deaths target will be reached by 2020.

VIAS argues more will have to be done.  Flemish mobility minister Weyts is floating the idea of rewarding drivers who don't collect fines.

It's not all good news: the number of bikers killed and injured rose slightly.  This reverses the downward trend of recent years.  The increase in the number of bikers and cyclists being killed and injured is being linked to the fine weather last year.

VIAS calls for greater investments in cycling paths and 30km/h zones in towns and villages.  

The number of seniors dying too rose.  Often they are killed in accidents with lorries.

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