Bruges hospital opens outdoor waiting room

The Saint Luc Hospital (AZ Sint-Lucas) in the West Flemish city of Bruges has come up with a novel idea to make waiting for an appointment a bit less boring. Now patients waiting to see a doctor, a nurse or a consultant will be able to take a walk through a stretch of woodland adjacent to the hospital while they do so. 

The new open air waiting room has been set up in association with the Flemish authorities, who are keen to encourage us to get out more in the fresh air.


A spokesperson for the hospital told VRT Radio 2 West Flanders that the open air waiting room has been set up as people that don’t get out enough in the fresh air often feel ill at ease. The initiative means that patient will no longer have to wait their turn indoors.


The Saint Luc Hospital is located next to the Steenbrugse Bosjes and the Assebroekse Meersen, two areas of natural beauty that are ideal for those wishing to go for a stole. Signs giving information, including how long it will take to walk back to the hospital, will be installed to enable patients to know how far they can walk.

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