Select Committee approves change to constitution that will make introduction of climate law possible

The Constitutional Select Committee of the Chamber of Representatives has voted to approve changes to article 7 bis of the Belgian constitution. This is the first step toward facilitating the introduction of the so-called “climate law” that will oblige all future governments to stick to measures designed to reduce emissions by 95% between now and 2050. 

However, as things stand it is unlikely that the modification to the constitution will get the backing of two thirds of MPs when it is voted on during a plenary session of the Chamber of Representatives on Thursday. The Select Committee voted by 9 votes to 8 to approve the changes to article 7 bis.    

The Flemish greens hope to use the 48 hours between now and Thursdays vote to try and persuade the Flemish Christian democrats and the Flemish liberals to have a change of heart.

Tuesday Select Committee vote was preceded by a long and at time intense debate.

The debate and the vote were followed closely by journalist and members of the public, including Youth for Climate’s Anuna De Wever (photo above).   

500 protesters take part in climate march

Earlier around 500 young climate protesters and their sympathisers march from Brussels North Railway Station to the Troonplein where around 100 people have been camping for the past two days in order to bring attention to their call for modifications to be made to article 7 bis of the constitution to facilitate the introduction of the “climate law”.

They chanted slogans, some of which quite creative, in our country’s two main languages as well as the English language slogan “What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it! Now?" that has been used at climate demonstrations across the globe.  

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